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All Scotch varieties fall within two broad categories or are blends of these two: malt whisky and grain whisky. Malt whisky must be 100 percent malted barley. Grain whisky may include wheat, rye, corn or other grains. 

The malting process, while used to make whisky in many countries, is a key part of Scotch’s distinctive character. Either done outside the distillery by a specialized maltster or within the facility walls, the malting process begins with soaking barley for two or three days. Then, traditionally, a maltster would spread a layer of wet barley on a concrete floor in rooms with controlled humidity and temperature. The maltster would then manually rake the malt to release heat created by the germinating kernels.

While some maltsters still employ the traditional method, others use a Saladin box, a large, rectangular tank with a perforated floor for air circulation. Long screws attached to a large crossbar move through the barley as the maltster turns the screws, mixing the barley and moving it from top to bottom to release heat. Modern versions of the Saladin box may be round and mechanized, but the concept is the same.

The germinated or “green” malt is then dried and browned in a kiln. Some Scotch whisky makers heat their kilns with peat, the dense, earthy layers of partially decayed organic matter derived from plants such as heather, moss, grass and seaweed that has become compacted over thousands of years. As much of Scotland sits atop such peat, blocks of peat cut from the ground have long been a local source of energy. When peat burns, it emits a pungent smoke that adds flavor to the barley, which further develops during fermentation and distillation, giving many Scotch whiskies their unique earthy, smoky and “peaty” flavor profiles.

After browning, the malt is ground into grist and mixed with hot water to convert starches into sugar. The resulting sugary liquid, or wort, is then fermented into the distiller’s beer known as the wash. This mix usually undergoes two or three rounds of batch distillation in pot stills designed in various shapes and sizes, which also influence the final product. By the end of the second distillation the spirits may be as much as 95 percent alcohol by volume.

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Our extensive selection of cocktail gifts will fit the need of everyone on your list. Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, and more you can choose from a selection of champagne, wine and liquor gifts that are beautifully presented and make the perfect gift year round. 

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Our extensive selection of cocktail gifts will fit the need of everyone on your list. Bourbon, Vodka, Gin, and more you can choose from a selection of champagne, wine and liquor gifts that are beautifully presented and make the perfect gift year round.